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即時點擊、攻擊各種怪物: 簡單的操作、玩弄怪物於手指之間!


逗趣的怪物表情與配音: 鼻青臉腫、傷痕累累、逗趣古怪的聲音,遊戲中有5種怪物可讓玩家盡情痛打,每種怪物都有各自的聲音反應與被攻擊的外觀變化。


CrashMonster is a casual action game.

Use all kinds of weapons and items to play with monsters. The monsters will have different reactions and sounds while attacking it. Enjoy the fun of beating monsters. It’s a good way to relax and release your pressures.

[Game Features]

Instant clicks and attacks on various monsters:
Play with monsters between your fingers! Just click on the screen to attack the monsters, youcan drag and drop them at any time, you can also use weapons, items. Explore your imagination and play with them.

Emoji and dubbing:
There are 5 kinds of monsters for you to challenge. Each of them reacts differently, or with a bloody nose and swollen face, scarred, funny, even make different weird sounds.

A variety of weird weapons:
Just using a fist to fight is not enough? Come and try these weapons! The damage caused by different weapons makes you laughed and excited.

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