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隨著劇情的推進,玩家將在多達10個以上的場景進行探索解謎。每個場景中會有許多機關與謎題,有些需要找到隱藏的提示與答案,有些則考驗玩家的邏輯、操作能力。玩家需要仔細尋找場景的每個角落並解開各種謎題才能通往下一段劇情。 遊戲中也不時會出現選項讓玩家進行選擇,玩家需根據當時的狀況選擇合適的選項。有些選擇不會影響遊戲進行,有些則可能讓玩家死亡而導致遊戲結束,除此之外,玩家在遊戲中也將發現許多解謎外的重要物品,可以替謎團重重的劇情帶來一些額外的線索。



You wake up and find yourself locked up in the morgue of a strange hospital. You’ve finally escaped and all of the people you meet are strangers. You c figure out how you got there and you don’t know why you’re there. Not only are you stuck, but strange events occur one after the other — patients are killed, strange figures appear, there are rooms that shouldn’t exist, children are missing..., what happened to this hospital?


Dream is a mysterious and dramatic puzzle game where the players play the protagonist that has woken up in an unfamiliar hospital. Throughout the exploration to discover how everything started, there are many unexplainable and weird occurrences. Players need to use their intelligence to solve puzzles and devices and discover the secrets hidden in the hospital.


As the story progresses, players will explore and solve puzzles in more than 10 scenes. There will be many puzzles and devices in every scene as some require you to search for hidden clues or answers, while others will test the players’ logic and processing capabilities.


Players will have to carefully search every corner of the scene and solve various puzzles to move onto the next segment of the story. Players will get to choose from various options from time to time and players will have to consider their current situation to select the most appropriate option. Some choices won’t affect the progress of the game, while others may lead to death and the end of the game. In addition, players will also find many important items when they aren’t solving puzzles, which can provide additional clues towards uncovering the mysteries in the plot.


Dream will start with players waking up in the morgue and then they will come into contact with all kinds of people, occurrences and items. In addition, the players will encounter figures and scenes that should not appear in a hospital, making the story even more confusing. If you are a person who loves a mystery and the supernatural, this is a game you can’t miss out on.

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